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Total Fight Minutes

One of the most popular boxing market is Total Fight Minutes. The bookmaker will predict how long the fight will last and you simply decide whether it will be a longer or shorter fight.


Erik Morales fights Marco Antonio Barrera and the Total Fight Minutes prediction may be 24-26.

You can argue a good case for either side of the spread; Morales being a phenomenal puncher while Barrera is a traditionally tough and durable Mexican. If you thought Morales’ power would be too much for Barrera you might bet low on the Total Fight Minutes at 24 for a 10 per minute.

Morales lost a points decision after the full 12 rounds had been fought. 12 Rounds at 3 minutes each is 36 minutes so you would have lost 12 times your stake. (36 - 24) x your stake = 12 x 10 = -120

If the fight had ended in the 6th round (18 minutes) the same bet would have won you 6 times your stake: (24 - 18) x your stake = 6 x 10 = 60

Win Index

Bookmakers also offer a performance index for each boxer whereby 25pts are awarded for a stoppage win, 10pts for a points decision win, 5pts for a draw, and 0pts for a loss.


The Win Index prediction for Erik Morales against Marco Antonio Barrera may be 14.5 -16.0. His punching power and overall record would make him the favourite over Barrera, who may be priced at 4.0 -5.5.

If you think that the more experienced Barrera has too much for Morales you might bet high at 5.5 for 5 per point.

If Barrera wins with a points decision and is awarded 10 points, you would win 4.5 times your stake: (10 - 5.5) x your stake = 4.5 x 5 = 22.50

An alternative to going high on Barrera’s Win Index would be to bet low on Morales at 14.5. By doing this you would be supporting Barrera but also be in profit if Morales won on points.

If Morales had lost the fight you would have won 14.5 times your stake. (14.5 - 0) x your stake = 14.5 x 5 = 72.50

If Morales had been awarded the decision on points you would still have been in profit: (14.5 - 10) x your stake = 4.5 x 5 = 22.50

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